Web design for beginners

Sometimes it can seem to us that making a web page can be something super complicated and quite stressful. However, there is nothing that I find further from reality than that. To create your own website, you need to know what you need to know about web design for beginners. With that we are sure that you will have more than enough tools to do it easily and safely.

Do I need to be a computer scientist?

We are going to be honest with you. The truth is that if you managed to know all the basics about programming language (HTLM, CSS, JavaScript and PHP) your life would be much easier when creating a web page. However, if you are on this site it is because your knowledge on the subject is very basic, or it could even be null.

Don’t worry, to create your own web page you don’t necessarily have to handle the technical information that operators and programmers know. There are other ways to get a website using web design for beginners, through famous web page builders very useful in this regard.

For this you only have to have some basic knowledge about using a computer, in addition to using programs like Word. If you know how to mobilize through Facebook or PowerPoint, you can even do this type of web design for beginners, in any web page creator.

The best of all this is that these creators have some editors on their platform, with which you can make the adjustments that your type of web page requires. But to be able to carry out web design for beginners, it is important that you take into account three main options.

Web Creators

The first option is that you make use of a web creator, which contains the entire complete kit. That is, when you get it, the company that is providing it to you, offers you the template, editor, storage, domain, email and support. In most cases, this basic package of web builders is free, which also adds many points to the idea.

If you find yourself, for example, looking to make the website of a business or startup that you are developing, the best thing you can do is take the easy way through this type of creator programs with web design for beginners.

However, this is only a test, because over time you will have to make some payment for the creator. Even so, it is still an excellent option, since the basic test allows us to know the product and decide if it is the one that best suits us. Among the best known you will find Wix, Jimdo and Weebly.

Content managers

The second option you have to carry out web design for beginners is through a content manager. They are very similar to our previous option, but with the exception that they add a level of complexity when starting to use them.

The best thing about them is that they are quite simple to use, but something they have against them is that they only bring templates that you must adapt to when choosing the theme of your website. One of the most popular in the world of this branch is WordPress.

The best thing about this program is that it has many plugins through which you can add your personal touch to the web you are creating. One of the best known at the moment is WooCommerce, with which you can add a fairly complete online store to your site.

Using this medium to carry out the web design of your page has many advantages, among which technical flexibility plays a quite important role. However, we will be honest with you. Between the first and second option, the first is the simplest, but the second is the cheapest option, so you should take some time to think about it and decide which of the two is the one that best suits you.