All about WordPress

Finding the way to make your website in a simple way and without generating much expense is now possible for anyone, without having to handle technical language and without being a programmer. For this, the famous WordPress platform has been created, which today is leading this field.

What is it?

WordPress is a content management method, with which you can create and maintain a web page or a blog. That is, it is a software through which you can create and manage web pages and content. What has made it so famous is its format, which is free software with open sources.

It was founded by Matt Mullenweg, through the non-profit WordPress Foundation, so the use of this type of system does not require payment. It is maintained by the collaboration of thousands of volunteer programmers, who develop new strategies and codes so that millions of people can use it.

Who can use it?

This type of system allows anyone to use it without problems. Best of all, you don’t need to know programming to have your website with WordPress. It is very similar to Word, so its use is very simple, which means that millions of people around the world have been using it for some years.

Previously, it was almost impossible for anyone to create a website, since you had to have knowledge of the HTLM language, in order to achieve it. In this way, with the appearance of WordPress, users were given the task of creating their own pages, without the need to have a programmer on hand. The visual interface, with its simple and fast form, is what has made this possible.

What types of websites can be made with WordPress?

WordPress allows you to create any type of content and any web page, so finding that creating in this software is not complicated at all. One of the examples used to create in WordPress is personal blogs. However, this is not all you can do with this app.

Many are the corporations, companies and businesses, that take advantage of this tool to create their official website, which allows them to take their product or service to all people and to a greater number of possible consumers.

Digital magazines are another type of website that can be created with the use of WordPress. It is very easy to adapt this tool to an information transmission site, such as VOGUE, which has used WordPress to create its website, to name one of the most famous.

How to install it?

Its installation is as simple as using the application itself, so you will only need a few minutes to complete the installation process. You must bear in mind that, for this, you will need a computer in which you have a web server that has to support MySQL databases and be able to execute PHP.

Once you have this, you download the WordPress installer, later creating a MySQL database, creating a user for that database. When you have finished this step, then you open the page where you uploaded the WordPress files, following the steps of the installation wizard.

There you will add the basic data such as the connection to the database, the name of the website and the administrator data. When you finish this step, then your website is available to start uploading the contents and details that make it unique and personalized.

WordPress is one of the best tools that lovers of the digital world, merchants, companies and all those who want to make the content of the service or product they want to offer reach many. If you find yourself looking to do this, feel free to use it.