Essential plugins for a web page

Suddenly you come across the idea of ​​wanting to make a web page, but then a new word comes your way that you may not know. The plugins. What? It turns out that as soon as you see her you are scared, but calm down.

It is nothing that complicated, and it turns out that they are quite an important tool when it comes to making your website. In fact, there are some essential plugins for a web page, so if you find yourself looking for everything related to the subject, before starting your digital design, you should familiarize yourself with the term.

What is a Plugin and what is it for?

Before talking about the essential plugins for a web page, you should know what a plugin is and what it is for. A plugin is an application or software that groups specific functions or characteristics, which will help you improve the pages and web designs that you make through the WordPress platform.

There are many types of plugins which will allow you to find any type of option to expand the possibilities you have with the most popular web publishing platform in the world. With them you can manage the design, statistics, email marketing, social networks, security, backups, web traffic. E-Comerce, and many other things.

Essential plugins for a web page

One of the best ways to build your website is through WordPress. To use this platform, you need to learn which are the essential plugins for a web page, among them we have:

Elementor Page Builder

With this plugin you will be able to edit the content of your website without having to know the usual programming codes. It works very similar to Word, but much better. With this you can give your website your personal touch, being the best of all that it is free.


This plugin, which is also free, is used to schedule automatic backups of your website. This is done through a copy that will be stored externally in DropBox, for example. In addition, it also allows you to restore backups with just a few clicks.

Yoast SEO

This plugin has quickly positioned itself among one of the most essential. Since its operation will allow you to improve the SEO on Page of your website. This means that it will help you, in a simple way, to optimize the positioning of a web page in the results that you obtain in the search engines.

iThemes Security

With this type of plugin, what you will do is find the security of your website, which is very necessary. This will prevent your page from being attacked by intruders or bots. For this, the plugin blocks those voids that may be the object of attacks.

WPS Hide Login

If you want to add a little more security to your site, then change the url of the WordPress access, then you must use the WPS Hide Login. With this, you can find a way to reduce risks by changing the classic / wp-admin, for a url that only you know.

Unlist Posts & Pages

To prevent pages or posts from appearing in your WordPress that do not interest you then you must use this plugin. It is not so well known, but nevertheless it is one of the essential when creating your website.


It is excellent for blocking those comments that you want to sneak onto your website. It does not require configuration, so you only have to install it and go.

WP Rocket

This caching plugin works perfectly to speed up the loading speed of your website. Although it is paid, it is one of the best that is in the competition. But if you want a free one, you can use WP Rocket.

Social pug

This is another super important to be able to share your content on social networks. With this plugin you can add the buttons to your page, in addition, it is quite easy to configure and is very light.

Here we have left you some of the essential plugins for a web page. With them you can get the most out of WordPress, so using them is something that you cannot ignore.